Terms & Conditions

Catering Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Park House Barn, we hope that the event you are catering for goes smoothly and is a success for your business.

Below are the terms and conditions of usage of the catering area at PHB. We as a venue are bound to comply with all criteria set out by environmental health to keep our guests, business and your business safe and protected. Any queries can be directed to Abigail in person or call 07930 335525.

Failure to adhere to the outlined conditions may result in a financial penalty for non-compliance.


This area has been provided for you to use whilst at PHB. The tent is steam cleaned prior to your arrival to enable the area to be used for food preparation. Please take extra care whilst working at PHB in all matters of hygiene. We are a working farm and whilst every effort is taken to keep catering and farming separate it brings a whole unique set of challenges when catering for the public. You are expected to risk assess the areas yourselves and put in appropriate measures and adequate controls to minimise risks to yourselves and the general public as per EC Regulation 852/2004 Hygiene of Foodstuffs. WASTE We have provided you with a large General waste bin. All of your waste must be placed inside of the bin any waste that does not fit inside the bin provided must be removed on the night of the event by yourselves. Any waste left outside of the bin with exception of cardboard or glass for recycling will be removed by us and disposed of and the cost passed on to you. Food waste is a huge attraction to vermin/pests and being on a farm vermin maybe more prevalent than at other event venues you may attend. Extra vigilance in food hygiene is required due to the farm/catering crossover. Cardboard and glasses may be stacked flat packed neatly for recycling by us. Waste fats and oils must be removed by your selves in appropriate containers and disposed of, off site.


We would encourage you to bring your own water with you in appropriate containers as we only have one tap over the sink which large containers will not fit to fill. Waste water must be discharged into drainage areas not left to free flow over the yard.


We have provided you with electrical points to use within the catering area. These have been fitted by a qualified electrician and we would ask that all of your appliances must be fit for use and would advise you to have them PAT tested for safety. Any trailing wires and cables should be taped down or raised well above head height as to minimize risk of slips trips and falls. A risk assessment by your selves once you have all your equipment in place is advisable as you will be responsible for your staff members health and safety.


Special considerations should be taken when using this as of its flammable nature. Risk assessments must be undertaken by your selves.


Requirements and usage of substances must be ever present in your minds in this area risk assessments by your selves.


All cooking equipment must be kept away from the sides of the tents and all open flames etc should be used outside of the tent. A Fire extinguisher is provided by us please familiarise yourself with the instructions on your arrival. On arrival to PHB please instruct your staff with fire procedures and assembly points which are in the carpark at the front of the Barn this can be accessed by walking down the yard, through the gate turning right and walking straight ahead. In the event of a fire 999 must be called immediately and catering area evacuated all staff to assembly point.